The Economic Impact of Film and Television Production in Orlando

by Gabriel Soltren

In 2020, the television broadcasting industry in the United States generated $58,289,224,603 or $58.3 billion in revenue according to Plunkett Research. That amount of money is roughly equal to the cost of buying every person in the United States a burger at a fast food restaurant every day for 10 years.

Television networks and television stations produce content in-house or through outside production companies. For example, NBC, a major television network, produces news, sports, and entertainment programs. Some of these programs are produced in NBC’s own studios, while others are produced by independent production companies.

Orlando, Florida has a history in the television production industry with large production companies in the area. Production companies have produced films, documentaries, and TV shows. The film and television production facilities in Orlando have made the area a popular location for film and television production, attracting economic development and individuals to the area.

Video Production Studio Photo Credit: Gabriel Soltren
Video Production Studio in Orlando, Florida| Photo Credit: Gabriel Soltren

In addition to film and television production studios, Orlando offers more benefits to film and television producers. The Central Florida region has experienced production crews, warm weather conditions, and evergreen locations. All of this makes Orlando an attractive destination for film based tourism and for film and television producers.