Decision making process

We make many decisions every day. For example, what should I buy? Should I look for the best product or service? Since we usually don’t have time to try everything. How do we decide? In this video, Nobel Prize Winner Herbert A. Simon describes the decision making process and bounded rationality.

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How do I get more visitors to my website?

How do I get more visitors to my website?

Have you ever asked yourself what you could do to get more visitors to your website? If so, below are a few tips to get more traffic to your site.

Texas Humane Heroes

Texas Humane Heroes post inspirational “I’m a Hero! I adopted” photographs.

At the July meeting of the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Central Florida, Steven Shattuck, Vice President of Marketing at Boomerang in Indianapolis, Indiana shared inbound marketing tips.

For example, he suggested checking out the Texas Humane Heroes Facebook page. The nonprofit organization does a good job of posting inspirational and shareable “I’m a Hero! I adopted” photographs.

The traditional way to advertise is to use outbound marketing but, you can enhance outbound marketing with inbound marketing. Below is a quick look at both options and some inbound marketing tips.

Outbound Marketing Examples
1. Print advertising
2. Direct mail
3. Billboards

Inbound Marketing Examples
1. Content marketing
2. Search engine optimization
3. Social media

In the world of search engines, weaker websites probably have less than 30 pages. A simple website might only have the standard pages, home, about us, contact us, etc.

Now, on the other hand, high ranking websites, the kind that have thousands of visitors, probably have hundreds of educational, informational, and inspirational pages.

Quick Tips:
Most organizations like to write about themselves. But, try to answer your visitor’s questions by creating many educational, informational, and inspirational web pages.  More content, that people want, equals more traffic. For example, 100 web pages equals 100 opportunities to appear in search engines.

Content creation ideas:
Ask yourself, what are people in your field searching online? Find out what they’re looking for and write about it. Focus your webpages on what people are asking. You can answer their questions with your organization’s knowledge.

At the end of each Web page, provide a form so visitors can take action. For example, ask visitors to sign up for a newsletter or to click here for more information.

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Inbound certification

Dr. Rick Hodes at The University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Dr. Rick Hodes at The University of Central Florida College of Medicine
2014 Global Health Conference
Dr. Rick Hodes is an American doctor who has lived and worked in Ethiopia for over 20 years. He is the Medical Director of Ethiopia for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Dr. Hodes work was featured in the HBO documentary “Making the Crooked Straight.”

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Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aid

“Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aid” Author Visits Medical Students at The University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Dr. Samantha Nutt is a medical doctor from Canada. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization War Child and author of “Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aid.”

After completing medical school, she moved to the “City of Death,” Baidoa, Somalia, as it was known in the 1990s. The war made it almost impossible for doctors to provide aid. See video presentation below.

Arms dealers dumped $30 automatic rifles into the hands of militias that recruited kids. Thousands were killed, injured, raped, and forced to flee from their homes. Source: More than 250,000 Baidoan’s died in the war.

“What is the single most important determinant of whether a child in a developing country lives to see his or her 5th birthday?” asked Dr. Nutt. Lack of medicine? No. The answer is: The mother’s lack of income.

Dr. Nutt believes that better arms control policies can provide safer places for children. War Child is committed to providing safer educational places while reducing the appeal of militia groups.

The costs to provide educational opportunities is a fraction of the cost to used to buy weapons.

Dr. Nutt suggested that supporters can help with small amounts of money on a monthly basis and provide educational opportunities. For example, War re-equips schools and provides training for teachers. Girls benefit most from the schools. Their quality of life improves and child mortality rates drop by 10 percent. Children are dying needlessly and money diverted from arms to education can save their lives.

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