Nonprofit marketing promotional video

Make a nonprofit marketing and promotional video that you can be proud of

Nonprofit marketing promotional videos can be an effective and proud tool to increase support for nonprofit projects. As a videographer, the promotional video that I filmed below was used by officers of a nonprofit organization (Rotary) to help increase the awareness and the interest in their matching grant projects. The video features comments from a past Rotary International President and Rotary Foundation Chairman at his company’s office in Mexico City.

The matching grant projects were designed to improve the quality of life of people by providing funding for medical supplies and clean water. Their matching grant system allowed more than 100 percent of the funds that were donated to be used for direct services. The donations were matched by clubs in Mexico, they were matched by clubs in the United States, and the donations were also matched by the Rotary Foundation.

Thousands now have clean water who never had it before

The donations from people interested in building good will and better understanding provided the funds to give many people with clean water. Members from clubs in North Carolina partnered with members of clubs in Mexico City to fund several matching grant projects. The funds were used to buy and install the water filters for schools in Mexico and to provide books in Spanish for children in the United States. I showed the promotional video to a club at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Fellow students became interested in the matching grant projects and we started a fundraising drive on campus to support the water filter project. The video helped raise awareness and encouraged us to participate in the clean water project started by the Rotary clubs in the U.S. and Mexico.

Founded in 1917, the Rotary Foundation funds projects to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. The promotional video was used for marketing a nonprofit cause and it documented a friendship visit that included the installation of the grant funded water filters.

Posted by Gabriel Soltren