How to make a “save the date” wedding video

Below are “save the date” wedding video tips

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Wedding video tips

1. The Five Ws: Traditional wedding invitations relay the event’s who, what, when, where and why. Think of creative was to visually supply this information using a theme and props.

2. Sneak Peek: If you could film the invitation video anywhere, where would you like to have it filmed? If possible, film the video at your wedding venue. This will give your guests a sneak peek into what to expect on your wedding day and help them make wardrobe choices.

3. Short and Sweet: Keep your invitation video under two minutes long. If you have a longer video, present necessary information at the beginning of the video.

4. Stay on Theme: What is the theme of your wedding? Your wedding theme should extend beyond the wedding day. There should be continuity with your “save the date” notice, wedding website, invitations, wedding day plans and your thank you cards. For example, if you are having a beach-themed wedding, don’t go with an urban-themed invitation video.

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